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27/02/2019 - Industrial Visit 2019

A visit to the Bangalore International Airport and Kamal Solar Factory was arranged by the department of commerce to create awareness about the practical aspects of the subjects studied during the course. The students were taken around the airport where they were appraised on the coordination of the working of the various staff under different segments like boarding, baggage, security, catering, and the flight attendants. They were also given information about the traffic control room, secure and immune areas, VIP lines, lost and found section and the measures of security undertaken by the BIAL authority. The tour was coordinated by Mr. Rahul Hubert and Ms.Aishwarya Ramakrishnan. After a brief stopover for lunch, the students were taken to the factory of M/s Kamal Solar a company reputed for making solar water heaters and panels. Here the students were taken through the process of assembling of the solar water heater including the raw materials, heating and welding required and the finished goods. Specimen copy of Bin Card and Job Card was also perused. The final year B.Com students were accompanied by the staff of the department.