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Message from College Development Officer

Dear Student,

I welcome you to NIE First Grade College family. We work together to inspire the young students to build up their career and transform themselves into decent human beings. Our college has a long history of achievements in academics have enabled it to be amongst the best in Mysore University. The college is also known to be the pioneer in offering useful courses such as B.Sc. (Computer Science), B.Sc. (Mathematics), B.Sc. (Electronics),B.Sc (Physics) BCA and B.Com. The college invites distinguished experts to speak on various issues to update the knowledge of students and motivate them to be confident in life and to be gender and disability friendly. Together, our teaching faculty, staff and students always strive for an all-round development of students by helping you to develop your potential and make the best use of the available opportunities in academics, sports, cultural and other extra-curricular activities. This in turn would help you feel as proud achievers in your selected fields.

College life plays a significant role in shaping one’s career and therefore, has to be used meaningfully and creatively more so, because a large percentage of eligible students aspiring for higher education do not get this opportunity.

Our results have been extremely encouraging, and our students are placed in a variety of esteemed IT industries :- Infosys, iGate, TCS, Wipro, L&T, HCL, Theorems, Wipro WASE, SPI, ICICI etc.

Many of our students pursue higher education, and get admitted in internationally acclaimed Computer & Business Management institutions in India. This shows the commitment of our staff as well as students towards imparting international education to provide global career for our students.

I acknowledge the guidance of our management and participation of staff and students towards providing excellence.

As Development Officer of the institution, I am very proud of the College achievements and I am absolutely confident that at NIE First Grade College we not only educate every student, but cater for individual needs and a highly sustainable future, thus ensuring good citizens of India.

With Best Wishes

Smt. Suma B A